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2023-2024 SWAP LIST


Parents may choose to include their name and contact information on this private "swap list" indicating their willingness to swap a lesson time with another student, either for a single occurrence, or potentially for a regular lesson time slot.


Contact your teacher to update, include, or remove your name from this list.

This list can be helpful in case of managing impromptu doctor’s appointments, being out of town, or even sickness. 


Please note that this list should be used as an auxiliary to the Open Slots on your Student Calendar.

Participating on this swap list (your name and phone number) allows a parent to potentially prearrange a lesson swap with the parent of another student under the following conditions:

  • The teacher must be informed prior to and after any swap is made.  (This helps me make sure that a 45 minute lesson is being swapped for a lesson of equal time if possible.  This also helps me make sure that any back to back lessons that need to be preserved will indeed be preserved.)

  • The parent is responsible for communicating with other parents on the swap lists.

  • No make-up lessons will be given should confusion from this arise.

  • Should two people arrive at once, I will teach the one whose lesson is normally at that time.

  • Please keep any contact information private.

Lesson Day & Time
Friday, 4:30 pm (45 min)
Charanya - 617-866-3455
Friday, 5:15 pm (30 min)
Rachana -
Monday, 4:30 pm (30 min)
Julie Griffith 831-234-3651
Monday, 5:30 pm (30 min)
Sunil Ramesh - 408-799-5070 -
Monday, 6:00 pm (30 min)
Sarah Cowan
Monday, 6:30 pm (30 min)
Bryony (408) 210 2871
Saturday, 10:00 am (30 min)
Gautam Shanbhag 425-444-5017,
Thursday, 1:00 pm (45 min)
Flo Xhabija -
Thursday, 1:45 pm (45 min)
Flo Xhabija -
Thursday, 2:45 pm (30 min)
Sarah Cowan
Thursday, 5:00 pm (30 min)
Gautam Shanbhag 4254445017,
Tuesday, 5:00 pm (30 min)
Camila Ferguson -
Tuesday, 6:15 pm (30 min)
Kalpana Wunnava
Wednesday, 4:45 pm (30 min)
Daisy Sun
Wednesday, 5:15 pm (30 min)
Daisy Sun
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