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These simple guidelines help keep The Curious Pianist Studio running smoothly and effectively, and ensure that all students receive the equal attention they deserve.



Standard tuition is based on 32 lessons taught over nine months September-May once per week. There are 39 weeks from September to May. The seven weeks of no lessons are Thanksgiving Break, three weeks at Winter Break, one week for February Recess, one week for Spring Break and one flex week off to be used at my discretion when I am unable to teach lessons due to family conflicts.

30 minute private lessons are $45 each. $45×32 is $1440 for the nine months paid in nine equal payments of $160.00.

45 minute private lessons are $53 each. $53×32 is $1696 for the nine months paid in nine equal payments of $188.00. 

60 minute private lessons are $70 each. $70×32 is $2240 for the nine months paid in nine equal payments of $248.00. 


Lesson type               Books and Materials Fee          Monthly Tuition             Semester Tuition


Private lesson – 30 minutes


                                      $100 (per family)                           $160                                    $684


Private Lesson - 45 minutes


                                      $100 (per family)                           $188                                    $805


Private Lesson - 60 minutes


                                      $100 (per family)                           $248                                    $1060




  • Semester payments will be due at the beginning of September and January. The semester payment includes a 5% discount. 

  • The monthly payment amount is divided evenly over nine months from September to May. The tuition fee is the same each month whether there are 5 or 2 lessons in a given month.

  • Payment can be made by cash, check, Venmo, or credit card through and is due at the beginning of the month.  A late fee of $20.00 will be assessed after the 15th. 

  • There is a $100 books and materials fee per family, payable upon enrollment. This fee goes toward the cost of all music books, sheet music, student binders, games, office supplies, online music enrichment environment access and portals, and studio activities throughout the teaching year.

  • Tuition Fees cover the cost of tuition, group classes, piano parties, and hosting of any in studio and online recitals. 

  • There is a $50 recital fee for our annual Grand Recital in May to cover venue costs.


  • Lessons are scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time when the student begins lessons, and at the commencement of each academic year thereafter.

  • If a student/parent wishes to change their lesson time mid-year this can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.  However this is subject to availability and changes cannot be guaranteed.

  • Lessons in the months of June, July, and August will be scheduled flexibly based on the student's availability and charged on a per lesson basis.  


  • If a student will be missing their lesson for any reason they should inform me by text or email as a courtesy with as much notice as possible and/or cancel your lesson through your Student Portal on the MyMusicStaff website.

  • Students will have the following options for a missed lesson with sufficient notice: They can have an online lesson during their regular lesson time, or a sibling can take their lesson time. If the family is going out of town, the student may send a video of their assignments they’ve been practicing (before they leave out of town) and during their regularly scheduled lesson time I will give video feedback and helpful tips and update their student assignment page. 

  • If a student gives 24 hours advance notice of a missed lesson, they may view the Open Slots through the student's portal at MyMusicStaff and choose to reschedule a lesson for the following week if possible.  However, make up lessons are not guaranteed and are subject to availability. 

  • There is one flex week accounted for in the tuition. This time off will be taken at my discretion. If for any reason I have to cancel more than a single lesson, I will offer a make-up lesson at a different time, or if a suitable time can not be arranged, I will refund the lesson amount.



         • 30 days notice is required if a student decides to stop lessons. 



  • Billing and scheduling for the studio will be done using the MyMusicStaff website. You should already have access to a login  for the parent-student portal for MyMusicStaff.

  • You can update contact information, verify billing, check the studio calendar, get lesson alerts, register for group classes or parties and summer lessons through your student’s My Music Staff portal.  Your teacher will provide direction for any special signups.


  • If a student is late this simply takes time out of the lesson. The lesson will start when the student arrives and will still finish at their usual time.

  • When students arrive, they will wash their hands in the bathroom before lessons to prevent the spread of sickness. 

  • No food, drink, water bottles or gum in the studio.

  • Parents or grandparents may observe during a lesson.  Arrangements should be made to accommodate siblings outside of the studio during the lesson. 

  • Piano students need to keep their fingernails trimmed short.


  • This studio respects the rights of all parents and adult students to make their own informed health decisions.  Reasonable precautions and policies to provide a safe and healthful environment for in studio students and teacher will be employed.  Masks are not required for in studio lessons.  

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