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These simple guidelines help keep The Curious Pianist Studio running smoothly and effectively, and ensure that all students receive the equal attention they deserve.



Prospective students and families may set up a no obligation interview/lesson in order to determine student readiness and expectations for piano instruction.  Private piano instruction requires a special working relationship between teacher, student, and parent.  


Standard tuition is based on approximately 32 lessons taught over nine months September-May once per week divided into two semesters Sep - Jan and Feb - May. The customary federal holidays and vacation days are generally observed, including the days and weeks during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays, and following the local school district schedules, with Winter and Spring holiday weeks.  Tuition is divided into equal monthly payments, regardless of the number of lessons in each month (with the month of September adjusted based on the total number of lessons per weekday). Tuition will be prorated for those starting mid-semester.


30 minute private lessons (please inquire directly for tuition fees)

45 minute private lessons (please inquire directly for tuition fees)



  • Tuition Fees cover the cost of tuition, group classes, piano parties, and hosting of any in studio and online recitals. 

  • There is a one-time annual $15 registration fee per family

  • There is an annual $100 books and materials fee per family, payable upon enrollment. This fee goes toward the cost of all music books and materials supplied by the teacher including sheet music, student binders, games, office supplies, online music enrichment environment access and portals, and any other studio activities throughout the teaching year.

  • There is a $50 recital fee for our annual Grand Recital in May/June to cover venue costs.

  • All tuition payments will be charged according to the payment preference chosen upon registering. You will receive an invoice reminder on the 1st of each month due by the 15th.  Balances may be checked at any time by accessing the Student Portal. Receipts are emailed upon payment, and a late fee of $20 per month will be assessed past the 15th of the month.  A secure auto-deduct option is also available.



Summer study is optional but highly encouraged to preserve skills and knowledge learned during the semester. There is additional flexibility during the summer months to allow for day or time changes to accommodate vacations, summer camps, etc ...  Information about summer scheduling and events will be distributed in the Spring. 


  • Lessons are scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time when the student begins lessons and at the commencement of each academic year thereafter.

  • It may not be possible to change a lesson schedule once a semester starts, so please confer with your teacher regarding any scheduling conflicts foreseen before setting a lesson time for the semester. 

  • If a student needs to change the lesson time mid-year, this must be negotiated on a case-by-case basis and is subject to availability and is not guaranteed.   

  • Summer lessons in the months of June, July, and August will be scheduled flexibly based on the student's interest and availability and are billed on a per lesson basis paid in advance.


Lesson scheduling is based on the teacher's scheduled time, NOT the student's attendance. 

If the teacher needs to miss a scheduled lesson, they will give adequate notice and reschedule or credit the lesson in a timely manner.  


Communication regarding scheduling is primarily via email. You are responsible for enabling and checking your email to receive important information from the studio and billing email service. If you have questions regarding billing, scheduling, or other issues, please contact your instructor directly.  


We will hold a small Winter Recital and a formal Spring/Summer Recital, as well as several student showcases or student piano parties.


If there are extenuating circumstances and a student needs to halt lessons before the month is up, 30 days written notice (email or letter) is required, and tuition will be charged for the lessons within that 30 day period, whether they are taken or not. Tuition is non-transferable.


  • If a student is late this simply takes time out of the lesson. The lesson will start when the student arrives and will still finish at their usual time.

  • If a student will be missing a lesson for any reason, please contact the teacher.

  • When students arrive, they will wash their hands in the bathroom before lessons to reduce the spread of sickness. 

  • Students should not attend in person lessons if they are sick, too sick to attend school, or clearly coming down with an illness as a courtesy to the studio, teacher, and other students.  

  • No food, drink, water bottles or gum in the studio.

  • Parents or grandparents may observe during a lesson.  Arrangements should be made to accommodate siblings outside of the studio during the lesson. 

  • Piano students need to keep their fingernails trimmed short.


  • This studio respects the rights of all parents and adult students to make their own informed health decisions.  Reasonable precautions and policies to provide a safe and healthful environment in the studio.  Masks are not required for in studio lessons.  

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