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COVID-19 Policy

Deborah's Piano Lessons is currently NOT accepting new students. If the Waitlist is open, please add your name and you will be contacted when there is an opening.

The Waitlist is currently CLOSED 😐.




If you have not yet reviewed the general studio policies, please do so here.  If the studio is currently accepting new students, please contact me to learn about next steps.


If my schedule is currently full or your prospective student is just not quite ready for private piano instruction, you may add your prospective student to the waitlist.  Please fill out the short informational form at the bottom of this page.  You will be contacted as soon as you reach the top of the Waitlist.

Please note that I keep a fixed number of spots open on my waitlist and then close it. In this manner, I try to maintain a reasonably sized list so that those on the waitlist will be likely to have an opportunity to begin lessons in a year or sooner.  If the waitlist is CLOSED, please check back to see if the status has changed. 


Also, please note that current students' siblings get top priority when open slots are available, which can affect the movement of the list.  And as current students advance in their studies, they often require longer-length lessons which can consume open slots, which also affects the speed of the movement on the list.  

It is hard to predict how fast the waitlist will advance.   Some people have waited a year or more, and some only a few weeks. Generally, new spots tend to open up right before summer, right before the new school year, or sometimes right after winter holidays.  These times often align with times when students choose new sports or activities during the school year.


Waitlist & Contact Form

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