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If you have not already received your student login instructions by the time of your first lesson in a new term, please contact the teacher. From here you may verify your student's calendar and invoices.

Please review the general Studio Policies for this teaching year here.

Missed Lessons

Missed Lessons

Please note that as per the enrollment contract for this year, your student's lesson

slot is your reserved time for the teaching year and represents the reservation of your teacher's time including preparation, regardless of attendance throughout the Sep-May tuition year.

There must be 24 hours advance notification for consideration of a Make-Up Lesson. However, Make-up lessons are not guaranteed and are subject to both teacher approval and availability.

  • If a student will be missing their lesson for any reason they should inform the teacher by text or email as a courtesy with as much notice as possible and/or cancel the lesson through the Student Portal on the MyMusicStaff website.

  • For consideration of the health of other students as well as the teacher, please do not bring your student to a lesson if they are ill or you suspect they may be coming down with something.  Sick students will be sent home.

  • Students will have the following options for a missed lesson with sufficient notice:

    • A student may have an online lesson during their regular lesson time, or a sibling student can take their lesson time.

    • If a family is going out of town, the student may send a video of their assignments they’ve been practicing (before they leave out of town) and during their regularly scheduled lesson time the teacher will give video feedback and helpful tips and update their student assignment page. 

    • If a student gives 24 hours advance notice of a missed lesson, they may view the Open Slots through the student's portal at MyMusicStaff and potentially reschedule a lesson for the following week only if there is an open slot in the calendar and the teacher approves this change. Make up lessons may not be held over past the immediately following week.

  • There is one flex week accounted for in the tuition. This time off will be taken at my discretion. If for any reason I have to cancel more than a single lesson, I will offer a make-up lesson at a different time, or if a suitable time can not be arranged, I will refund the lesson amount.

Student Login Portal

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Studio Special Events are subject to change.  Please verify with instructor.

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