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If you have not already received your student login instructions by the time of your first lesson in a new term, please contact the teacher. From here you may verify your student's calendar and invoices.

Please review general Studio Policies for this teaching year here.

Student Login Portal

(use to view invoices, student calendar, open slots)

😀 📝 SWAP LIST 📝 😀 
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Swap List
Missed Lessons

Missed Lessons Policy

Tuition is based on reservation of the teacher's time throughout the teaching year, not the student attendance.

Makeup lessons for missed lessons are not guaranteed.  Because specific times are set aside for specific students, a student who does not attend a lesson will simply miss the benefit of that lesson. I will then use that time or other times to plan for the student’s progress, locate materials, etc...  Remember that tuition pays for more than your weekly lesson.


If a student will be missing a lesson for any reason, the teacher should be informed by text or email as soon as possible as a professional courtesy.  Lessons may also be cancelled (but not rescheduled) through your Student Portal on the website.  Available make-up slots (if any) are visible on your student's calendar.  Please note that available slots change from week to week.  See also, the SWAP LIST section below.


Students who have given 24 hour notice for an upcoming missed lesson have the following options subject to availability and teacher approval:

  • An online lesson during their regular lesson time, or a sibling can take their lesson time. 

  • Prior to the lesson day (if a student will be out of town), a parent or the student may also send a videos of their current assignments they’ve been practicing (before they leave out of town).  During their regularly scheduled lesson time I will create video feedback and update their assignment. 

  • If a student gives 24 hours advance notice of a missed lesson, they may view the Open Slots through the student's portal at MyMusicStaff and choose to reschedule a lesson if there is an available slot for the following working week only.

  • Missed lesson rescheduling must be made up the week following the missed lesson and can not be held over.




Parents may choose to include their name and contact information on a "swap list" indicating their willingness to swap a lesson time with another student. 

This can be helpful in case of doctor’s appointments, being out of town, or even sickness.  Participating on a swap list (your name and phone number) allows a parent to potentially prearrange a lesson swap with the parent of another student under the following conditions:

  • The teacher must be informed prior to and after any swap is made.  (This helps me make sure that a 45 minute lesson is being swapped for a lesson of equal time if possible.  This also helps me make sure that any back to back lessons that need to be preserved will indeed be preserved.)

  • The parent is responsible for communicating with other parents on the swap lists.

  • No make up lessons will be given should confusion from this arise.

  • Should two people arrive at once, I will teach the one whose lesson is normally at that time.

If you would like to include or remove your name from the Swap List, contact your teacher.  

🎹 🍎 🗓️ STUDIO CALENDAR 🗓️ 🍎 🎹 
Studio Special Events are subject to change.  Please verify with instructor.

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