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In studio lessons have resume.   Current or new students may choose to continue or start lessons online or select a hybrid/combination option (for local students)  if they prefer.


Many circumstances favor or necessitate "distance" or "remote" learning, and The Curious Pianist - Deborah's Piano Lessons now offers this option to accommodate both older and younger students as well as the adult beginner.    

Remote instruction is becoming increasingly in vogue for both teachers and students for flexibility in scheduling, the ease of instant connection, the option to continue lessons even while "under the weather" or while traveling, and the clear savings in commute time and costs to the teacher's studio, regardless of weather.


For those who are accustomed only to in person lessons, you may have questions about the quality and type of instruction available.  Your student can definitely learn from home!  With online instruction, the practice environment becomes the lesson environment! 


Miss Deborah provides a high quality audio and video learning experience from her online home studio, with multiple camera views and combination views to provide an immersive and personal experience for students to approximate a face-to-face lesson in her home studio.  The same personalized instruction and attention to detail is given each student with lessons and music learning games tailored to their age, abilities, and interests.  Younger students may require more parental support for this environment, depending on their maturity level.

Children's Piano Lessons Near Los Gatos California

Selected student view combination during a pedal technique demonstration highlighting teacher, keyboard, and pedal

Successful remote instruction requires some simple but essential elements.  If you have these and a piano or keyboard, your student is ready for online lessons!


Any Zoom compatible device with a camera and microphone is all that is needed to get started.  The applications used for high quality and synchronous audio between teacher and student are widely used and safe applications and are free to download.  Other applications may be selected as the student progresses to fun real-time duets between student and teacher that are more optimized for music.

Student requirements for remote lessons are the same as those required for most online schooling requirements  - a high quality internet connection with sufficient bandwidth and a viewing device(s) such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

How Will My Student Keep Track of Their Assignments in This Online Environment?


Understanding that this new online teaching environment for both regular school and music lessons increases the overhead for both parent and student with respect to organization and management of lesson materials,  notes, and assignment details, Deborah's Piano Studio uses a proprietary web-based pictorial assignment organizational system for each student to make it as easy as possible for parents and students to reference and manage each week's assignment details.  Each student is assigned their own friendly and private communication page to view the week's assignment, real-time updates and assessments at any time!


Even the youngest child will be able to recognize their books and assignments with the picture based system, and the included reference video "assists" created by this studio will be helpful for those needing a little more assistance or review.  No more lost assignment books, deciphering teacher or student handwriting, complicated navigation, or forgetting the assignment!   





There are even virtual "stickers" for completed pieces for students (and teachers) who enjoy these as a sign of progress and a little seasonal artistic sticker fun! 

Adult students will have modified page that also makes it easy to keep track of materials and assignments too!

Click here for an example navigable page of your student's online assignment reference page.


Students and parents will receive a full description and tutorial describing the best way to set up an optimal and effective working environment for both student and teacher.

The following elements are required for successful online instruction:



  • Skype or Zoom compatible device(s) - phone tablet, computer

  • high quality adequate bandwidth internet connection

  • non-competing streaming devices during the lesson



  • a quiet environment during lesson time

  • adequate lighting 

  • low background noise

  • acoustic piano, digital piano, or keyboard



  • parental support for younger children (similar to in studio lessons)

  • adequate preparation and set up before lessons 

  🌷  🎹  HAPPY MAY!  🎹  🌷

Note: Miss Deborah will be happy to assist and consult in setting up an effective working environment for your student!

Contact the studio to start a conversation, ask more questions, or set up an introductory meeting with no obligation.

And should you be interested in gifting a set of piano lessons as a musical present for someone special in your life, learn more here!

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