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Practice Notes & Reminders

Feb 1, 2023

We are resting the SNAIL book.

We're going to practicing our new hand positions and reading from the staff! We also noticed that when we sit up straight, our hand position looks beautiful! Remember to imagine the lady bug under our fingers.

Place hands ready to play your pieces QUIETLY and make sure every finger is parked in it's own garage (except for the thumbs which share MIDDLE C).

We also practiced putting our hands into a SHARED MIDDLE C POSITION. When one CAT plays, all the other fingers stay on the keys to watch. The other thumb just watches from very close and takes turns. The new book has a soccer ball practice page to color in for each day of practicing.

🕰️ Practicing - 15 to 20 minutes each day, mindfully

🎹 Piano Manners

👐 Starting Positions!

First Rhythm Cups

First Rhythm Explorations

We will do this at the lesson.

Dino Pancakes (Prehistoric)

Wunderkeys My Piano Teacher is Prehistoric (V.U. Level D)


Rhythm Menagerie

Rhythm Menagerie

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