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Any time is a fine time to start piano lessons, but the Summer Season has some special advantages!

There is generally more leisure time for learning something new!

School requirements and competing responsibilities are generally diminished.

For first-time students, getting acquainted with a new teacher, and establishing a healthy rhythm and pace for learning an instrument is much easier without all the competing scholastic and social pressures that come with a new grade in school and busy schedules.

Summer starters have an easier time incorporating their established lessons and practice habits into the new school year during the fall.

The summer teaching schedule is more flexible, and lessons can be scheduled in the mornings and early afternoons when a student is more alert and less tired.

The summer teaching schedule is purposely flexible to accommodate family vacations.

Summer schedules may allow for those who prefer a twice-a-week schedule for lessons - a great idea for beginning students to reinforcement new concepts or time for more advanced students to work on their repertoire or new music of their own choosing.

Students enrolled through the summer have priority in fall scheduling.
Enrollment may take place at any time during the teaching year.
Contact me this season for an easy consultation through phone, email, or via the form below. 
I would love to speak with you about lessons for your child or yourself, or if you prefer, fill out the form below and I will get back to you soon!
Let me know a little about your student, and we can schedule an introductory no oblication "get acquainted" meeting and lesson!
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