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🎹 🎼 🎵 ❤️ 🍬 🍭 🌹 🎹 🎼 🎵

2023 Miss Deborah's Piano Valentine Playground!

Happy February and Valentine's Day Month! Enjoy this hearts & candy themed playground for music games and fun!


🐹 ❤️ 🍫 Be My Valentine! Wheek! Wheek! Listen to some music!

Serenade No. 13 in G Major (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik) - Mozart

🎹 ❤️ It's a 2023 Piano Valentine's Day Playground! 🎹 ❤️

Below are some fun games, puzzles, and music to enjoy and play over the holiday break. Students of any level may try any of the self-correcting games but the suggested ranges will help with selection. Parents may help. 😀

Suitable for all ages and levels
Dogs & Birds students and pre-staff reading students
Early Staff Reading C positions
Grand Staff note reading
Chords and Keys

Practice your TA and SH RHYTHMS for your QUARTER NOTES and QUARTER RESTS!


❤️ 🎵 Monster Valentine Rhythms (ta/sh)

Match dynamics to their definitions, symbols, and musical examples!


💗 🍬 Valentine's Day Dynamic Candy Hearts

Listen to rhythms and identify the missing note or rest (quarter notes/rests, 2 eighth notes, or 4 sixteenth notes).


❤️ 🎶 Valentine's Rhythms - Find the Missing Beat

Identify rhythm names and values. Including quarter, half, sixteenth, dotted quarter, whole and eighth notes as well as sixteenth, eighth, quarter, half and whole rests.


💜 🎵 Valentine Music Rhythm Symbols

Listen for music that is p=piano (soft) or f=forte (loud).


💚 🎶 Valentine's Dynamics - Listen and Drag

Name notes on the Treble and Bass Clef to reveal a mystery image!


💙 🎼 Treble and Bass Clef Valentine Mystery Image

Add up the counts on each heart (quarter, dotted quarter, half, whole, eighth, sixteenth notes, and rests)!


🧡 💕 Valentine's Day Jar of Hearts

Identify the rhythm and symbols for Iforte, piano, mezzo forte, mezzo piano, fortissimo, pianissimo, crescendo, and decrescendo.


💗 🎵 Valentine Music Dynamics

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