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2023 Miss Deborah's Piano St. Patrick's Day Playground!


🐹 🌈 🍀 Today's your lucky day! Wheek! Wheek! Listen to some music!

The Irish Washerwoman - Pat O'Connorly

🎹 ☘️ It's a 2023 Piano St. Patrick's Day Playground! 🎹 ☘️

Below are some fun games, puzzles, and music to enjoy and play over this holiday month. Students of any level may try any of the self-correcting games but the suggested ranges will help with selection. Parents may help. 😀

Suitable for all ages and levels
Dogs & Birds students and pre-staff reading students
Early Staff Reading C positions
Grand Staff note reading
Chords and Keys

Listen to the beautiful music of a harp and watch the animals in an Irish landscape.


🍀 A Gaelic Gathering Musical Postcard

Do you know your music dynamics? Includes: forte, piano, mezzo forte, mezzo piano, fortissimo, pianissimo, crescendo, and decrescendo


💚 🎶 St. Patrick's Day Music Dynamics

Name notes on the Treble Clef Lines to color in the holiday picture! Remember: EVERY Good BIRD Does FLY! Remember LANDMARK G!


💚 🎼 St Patrick's Day - Color by Treble Clef Line Notes

Major Key Signatures! Remember the SHARP TUNE & RULE!


💚 🎵 St. Patrick Major Key Signatures

Do you know your beats? Notation used: quarter note and rest, half note and rest, whole note and rest, single eighth note, pair of eighth notes, set of 4 sixteenth notes, dotted half note!


🌈 🎵 How many beats St. Patrick's Day

Figure out the time signature! Time signatures included are 2/4, 3/4, 5/4, 6/4
Notes and rests covered: whole notes/rests, half notes/rests, quarter notes/rests, beamed eighth notes, dotted half notes, dotted quarter notes, eighth notes, eighth rests


🎼 🍀 Drag and Drop Time Signature St Patrick's Day

Name notes on the Bass Clef Lines to color in the holiday picture! Remember LANDMARK F!


💚 🎼 St Patrick's Day - Color by Bass Clef C-G

Relative Minor Keys are 3 half steps down from the Major Key! Remember the SHARP & FLAT TUNES and RULES!


💚 🎵 St. Patrick Minor Key Signatures

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